Friends and lovers of sounds of the harder kind,will be interested to know about one of the hottest new acts to have emerged on the scene, called “SNOW WHITE IN THE DARK”. With a truly impressive and unique emotional quality to her voice, the German-Russian singer SNOW WHITE, presents her own original songs and is already captivating a significant audience from the very beginning of her career, with a very personal and unique sound. This special mixture of ‘fragile vulnerability’ and ‘powerful strength’ arises from authentic autobiographical stories,which hit the heart with unusually dynamic music.

SNOW WHITE IN THE DARK’s debut single “THIS IS NOT A FAIRYTALE" is released on the 9th of April, 2021. The song is all about having to accept the reality of not living in a fairytale world, even if one doesn't ever really want to have to face that reality. This touching song focuses on pain, selfishness, violence, awkwardness, loneliness, trust and depression: it’s an outlet of the soul trying to find that precarious balance between lonely darkness and lively joy. The rhetorical figure oxymoron best describes the erratic chaos between conflicting thoughts and the search for the meaning of life.

Boldly tackling uncomfortable topics, SNOW WHITE IN THE DARK sees itself as the mouth-piece of its generation, coming of age at a time when the entire world is changing in so many unexpected ways. We’re dealing with the balancing act of an ambivalent society with an apparent lack of opportunity to develop freely, and the imposed fear for one's own life ... These are the inspirations behind this incredible collection of songs. The music reflects the need not to be constricted and the mixture of rocking guitar riffs, flanked by spherical keyboard sounds, and groovy drums, all follow the catchy melodies and help SNOW WHITE’s emotional voice to create a unique cocktail of ‘goosebumps and head banging’.

The label MAMA MUSIC GROUP is masterminding a global release plan with it’s distribution partner BELIEVE focusing initially on Germany and South East Asia. SNOW WHITE IN THE DARK is now unleashed on the world- this is an act that has the potential to break internationally and truly make it’s mark from the get-go